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To download a version for loading on an e-reader, click on one of the supported types listed below. Click for a version formated for the Kindle. Click for a version formated for other mobi devices. Click for a version formated for ePub devices e. The various creeds of Christendom have aided the Christian church in the formulation of their faith through the centuries.

Creeds and Confessions

They are not the Bible. They are not authoritative unless they truly represent the teachings of sacred Scripture.

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Any teaching which is orthodox concerning the Sacred Scriptures should be heeded by all people for all time. Click here for the best confession ever penned, The Westminster Standards. What is the definition of a creed?

The Importance of Creeds, Confessions and Catechisms

They are formularies from a systematic overview of whatever is believed. It is often remarked that creeds should not be held to or heeded because they are not authoritative, and not inspired by God.

If the Bible teaches that all men must wear white shirts, then the creedal statement of faith which explains this succinctly is attempting to teach Christians what the Bible says concerning this, and that any false teaching such as all men must wear black shirts is erroneous. Christians read books defining certain theological concepts but that does not make the book inspired, just helpful to the edification of the Christian. The Thirty-Nine Articles are, however, important in defining how the Anglican church related and relates to the reformed churches on the one hand and the Roman Catholic Church on the other.

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Christian Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms

Christianity Reformation Protestantism. Inter-denominational organizations. Reformed Confessions of the Sixteenth Century. Translated by John Hoffmeyer. Anglican and Evangelical?

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Bloomsbury Publishing. The Anglican Understanding of the Church: An introduction. SCM Press. Hymns Ancient and Modern.

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