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His weekends were almost always filled with projects, where he would help someone out with some sort of project or invite others to help him with something. All of these factors came together when Darwin tackled his largest project: building his own house. Yes, you read that right. He served as his own general contractor on his house. He had the skills necessary to do this thanks to many years of working on a wide variety of projects.

He also had a huge network of people to call on to provide the manual labor needed. Thanks to these things, he was able to turn a pile of dirt into an amazing home in a year, saving himself more than a hundred thousand dollars in the process. Here are ten steps you can take to developing a large, diverse skill set — and a nice social network to go along with it. Define what you actually want to achieve — and the skills you will need to achieve it.

Jack of All Trades, Mastered by One

Perhaps you envision being able to do home repair, or maintenance on your car. One friend of mine actually dreams of opening a small catering business, cooking good food at a large scale. You could easily extract a long list of home repair skills, as well as a sizable list of culinary and kitchen techniques. Another good exercise is to figure out the skills you already have. What do you know how to do that many others do not? Quite often, the skills you already have can be bartered to learn new skills.

Start with the people already around you. The people already in your social network are the best people to start with in your endeavors. In exchange, you should offer them something as well — one of your skills might be put to use in their life, or you might be able to simply serve as a helping hand for one of their projects.

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As you get more comfortable with sharing your skills and with the process of picking up new ones, expand your horizons a bit. Look for people further and further out on your social network to trade skills with.

Not only does this provide an opportunity to learn new skills, it also gives you a chance to forge new relationships with people. Keep your ears and eyes open.

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If you pay attention, almost every day gives us opportunities to share our skills and abilities as well as learn from others. Perhaps a neighbor is working on a project in the yard. Why not ask if he or she could use a hand? Step up and ask if you can give that person a ring. It might even be as simple as offering to help someone fix their car in a parking lot — it gives you an opportunity to learn, after all.

Those opportunities come more often than you might think. Strategic planning is a process of defining your company's strategy or direction and making decisions on allocations of resources of capital and people. The key is to know how to project your company's future performance, within a three-to-five year framework or more, supported by your well-defined business plan. Leadership is a process of getting things done via people. Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal.

Leadership is also the ability to take charge, assemble, mobilize, and motivate teams. The key is to know how to forge long-term relationships with prospects, customers, suppliers, employees, and investors. Team-building and teamwork skills are essential for an entrepreneur in today's workplace. People working at their potential in teams generate better solutions and more productivity than individual members working independently.

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The key is to know how to build teams of employees, partners, advisors, and investors that will help you take your business to the next level. With this rapid increase of technology, the need for analytical thinking also increases. Analytical thinking is the ability to objectively assess the present state of your business, to determine where you want to be in the future, and what to do in order to close the gap between the present and the future growth of your business.

The key is to know how to gather, review, and evaluate data that is necessary to formulate and express compelling arguments. Establishing successful sales and marketing methods and policies - from pricing and advertising to sales techniques - are essential in growing your business. The ability to analyze your competition, the marketplace, and industry trends are critical to the development of your marketing strategy. The key is to know how to craft and communicate a compelling message to the right target audience that generates new business, and in turn, builds profitable revenue streams.

Management involves directing and controlling a group of one or more people for the purpose of coordinating activities that will accomplish a goal. Management encompasses the deployment and direction of human resources, financial resources, and technological resources. The key is to know how to develop and implement a workable management system that will manage daily operations, nurture stakeholders, and support business growth.

Cash flow is generally acknowledged as the single most pressing concern of the small and medium-sized businesses. In its simplest form, cash flow is the movement of money in and out of your business. Cash flow is the life-blood of all growing businesses and is the primary indicator of business health. The effect of cash flow is real, immediate and, if mismanaged, totally unforgiving. The key is to know how to monitor, protect, control, and put cash to work. The activity of finance is the application of a set of techniques that individuals and businesses use to manage their money, particularly the differences between income and expenditure and the risks of their investments.

The need for timely budgeting and reporting of financial performance is of the upmost importance.

The key is to know how to interpret and analyze your financial statements, in such a way, as to identify the items that are adversely affecting your profitability. And you think you can do a better job after watching a few minute YouTube tutorials? Whenever I get a track back from mastering, I import it into my DAW and sync it up with my original, unmastered mix.

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Then I level-match the two and compare. This helped me identify that I could comfortably add more bass to my mixes. His feedback helped me improve my mixes and gain confidence in my abilities. Ask your mastering engineer what they think of your mixes, and how they stack up against others.