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This is similar to content and social media lead generation strategies. Think of it as a content strategy smushed together with social lead capture techniques. If it works out, you get a lead generation strategy that delivers a captive audience with a stream of updates from your company or industry. The promise of exclusive sales, experiences, or knowledge are great draws. But make sure you keep those newsletters coming—the rewards of targeting a captive audience can lead directly to the acquisition of highly valuable leads.

Are you an expert in your subject area? Then your knowledge is really valuable—so capitalize on it. You can offer free white paper downloads featuring your expertise and, of course, your small business to generate leads. White papers let potential leads get specialized knowledge on-demand in exchange for their contact info. Best of all, white papers also serve a dual purpose of acting as an informative, additive sales pitch that extends beyond industry jargon and advertising copy.

Offering white paper downloads in exchange for contact information makes prospective leads comfortable exchanging their details in order to receive something of value. That makes the transaction more hospitable—and who knows, you might even see your white paper passed around the industry. Plus, they can end up being shared among peers. Best of all, you get to learn quite a bit about the respondent in the process.

Although more expensive and time-consuming, experiential lead generation strategies can really build deep, meaningful relationships with potential customers. One way to do this is to hold a seminar on the field that your business or service specializes in.

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Not only can attendees learn something from you, but they can also network with each other, your own employees, and other existing loyal customers. Think about throwing an intimate happy hour with potential clients or vendors. When people can casually connect with colleagues and friends, you can spotlight your offerings while sparing everyone in attendance from the hard sales pitch, which can prove to be an effective lead generation strategy.

Local breweries are great for these kinds of events, and will sometimes offer discounts in exchange for the guarantee of a group.

Lead Generation Introduction

Every big industry conference has lots of side gatherings that occur alongside the main event. Plus, people are ready to make the most of their attendance and usually need to report back to their higher-ups about just how much work they did in order to validate the cost of attendance. Do plan carefully, though, as your potential audience will be strapped for time, evaluating other similar offers from rival companies, and might flake despite RSVPing.

So, be prepared for less turnout than your roster might suggest. A restaurant, a hotel, even a book? You likely look at reviews before taking action. This second statistic is where you can really capitalize. Encouraging these key customers to talk about their experience with your business without suggesting what you want them to say is a great way to boost your online reputation, which can attract new clients. You can simply ask , or motivate them with incentives like discounts. The next of our business lead generation strategies is to add a live chat feature to your website.

And that means what for you? Well, live chat can be a great lead generation tactic to pique interest from new customers, and encourage repeat business by being accessible in real-time. Live chat functions allow site visitors to reach out to you directly without having to pick up a phone or write an email. New customers benefit from being able to ask questions whenever they want, and then you can reach out directly to answer questions and help close new sales. Some of the top live-chat software options on the market include Intercom and the aptly named Live Chat.

Whether through video on Facebook Live or Instagram, or even a live-tweeting session on Twitter, showing off your authority in your space can be an effective lead generation strategy. Dedicate some time to answering questions on a site like Quora , where you can share your knowledge as a subject-matter expert in your business field. They can help you bring attention to your company as a trusted third-party voice. Influencer marketing is one of the largest markets within digital advertising.

Working with influencers can be as simple as sending products and services to industry thought leaders with large social media followings. To turn them into a lead, you need to tell them what to do next. This is called a call to action , or CTA for short. With a CTA, you send a customer to a specific landing page where they receive an offer or a pitch to do something.

You can also have a non-sales-driven CTA that provides the customer with additional information on whatever they were looking for. Make sure your CTA copy is catchy, as it needs to capture the customers attention enough in order to make them click. The last suggestion on our list of lead generation strategies is to create testimonials and customer success stories that you can send to prospective customers.

There are a myriad of ways you can create testimonials, such as getting clients to provide you with a quote about their positive experience with your business and then posting that quote on your website. This is something Fundera does with their own customers. Let us know.

The State of Lead Generation in [Ultimate Guide + Expert Tips]

Give us a call. Type below and hit Enter To search. Want the best small business strategies delivered straight to your inbox? About Latest Posts. Brian writes about finance, business strategy, and digital marketing. Combined, these experiences allow him to offer a unique perspective on the challenges small business owners face. Bank vs. Editorial Note: Fundera exists to help you make better business decisions. The opinions, analyses, reviews, or recommendations in this article are those of our editorial team alone. Side projects can come in many different shapes and forms.

Even without a ton of technical resources, you can still do something creative that generates attention and leads. Their video has received over , views on YouTube since its release. Last year, I launched a public challenge on my blog to validate a random business idea that my readers chose for me, in less than 30 days. I get , monthly readers on my blog, many of whom are there to learn how to launch a side business, but that can be a pretty intimidating process. The challenge attracted tens of thousands of new readers, several thousand new email subscribers, and hundreds of comments.

After the challenge was over, I compiled an online course that took my validation process a level deeper and offered my help to students looking to validate their ideas. Of the couple thousand people who joined my email list during the challenge, more than people signed up for the paid course the next month when I released it, netting myself a hugely positive return on this lead generation idea that essentially cost me nothing—and because it worked so well, it's a lead generation process I'll be replicating with a much-requested topic from my audience of learning how to start a blog as well.

Side projects can come in many different shapes and forms too—from building a mobile app , to hosting a live event or conference, launching a small free software tool that's designed to generate leads for your greater product, or otherwise.

10 Creative Lead Gen Examples Sourced from Marketing Legends

Social media-driven lead generation ideas. Each of these lead generation ideas are based primarily on using one or more major social networks to find prospects and turn them into qualified leads. Optimize and scale outbound connection requests on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a great lead generation platform—if you use it wisely and avoid sending spammy, irrelevant, generic template-driven messages like this….

MLSP - The Ultimate Lead Generation System For Network Marketers

I have a dozen of these sitting at the top of my LinkedIn inbox right now. Because when you approach LinkedIn lead generation the right way, it still represents a massive opportunity for B2B sellers. To bring you the best industry expertise on this subject, I reached out to my friend Jake Jorgovan, who runs a done-for-you LinkedIn prospecting and lead generation company now serving dozens of clients called, Lead Cookie.

While a cold email is a much more direct sales pitch, a LinkedIn engagement is much more of a conversation. With LinkedIn, people use the chat feature just like they would Facebook Messenger or texting. Many people even have the LinkedIn app on their phone which sends push notifications directly to their mobile device.

This makes outreach via LinkedIn, it's own separate channel that is worthwhile for any B2B sales team to explore.

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  4. Then, the real fun begins. Finally, they use tools like Dux-Soup to visit the profiles of other LinkedIn members in your target market, which in turn ramps up traffic back to your Linkedin profile—creating interest in your optimized offering near the top of your profile. Answer questions on Quora and other communities. A couple of years ago, we invested heavily in answering questions like this one , related to inside sales and startups two topics our target market cares most about on Quora.

    Most of our answers draw a couple thousand views and 10 to 25 upvotes over the course of the first year the answer is live. Aside from the benefits of tastefully being able to link to your website where Quorans can click through to learn more, within your answers, answering questions in this community is a long-term strategy.

    A 5 step guide to getting the most value out of lead nurturing

    Share long form updates on LinkedIn. Well, these are very thoughtfully crafted to drive engagement and encourage a high volume of likes and comments, which in turn surfaces your update within the feeds of the connections of those who interact with your update—your second degree connections. Make your long form update authentic, value-driven, engaging and the success will come. Then once you've built an engaged audience on the platform, you can start employing other lead gen tools that'll help you convert more of your growing audience into leads for your business. If you know the key terms and phrases associated with your target customers, social listening can be a very powerful lead generation idea for your business.

    From searching for hashtags and topics on Twitter to interact with and drive discussion around, you can also get much more granular with your social listening strategy by specifically following and engaging with people who self-identify as affiliating themselves with terms your business is also related to.

    On Facebook, groups are still the best destination for finding prospects that you can engage in meaningful discussions with. Like with all groups on your social channels, work hard to avoid being overly self-promotional about your offering by sharing tons of links or talking about your product. Groups on LinkedIn are still an option for lead generation too, though engagement within them has tended to go down steadily over the past couple years with no glimpse of a turnaround in sight.

    Instagram can also afford you many opportunities to build close relationships with other influential people in your space—giving you the ability to forge partnerships that can help ramp up your Instagram growth and get your offer in front of more leads. Leverage niche online communities.

    Most Product Hunt members have a link to their website and Twitter account in their bio, making it relatively easy to reach out and get in touch.